I am originally from Waterford but have lived and worked in Dublin for many years. I have worked in several mediums over the years including, textiles, oil and acrylic painting, art stamp design and in web design. The skills I learned in web design brought to explore photography.

Bold shapes and colours have always fascinated me.  When travelling I choose countries that offer vibrant colours, be it women dressed in saris or vegetables and spices in markets.  When seeking out art work I look for artists like Richter, Jackson Pollock, Miro, Kandinsky.

My current work is inspired by and grows out of photographic images I took, in the first instance, of an old rusty gate in Lanzarote.  It was colourful to start with but when I picked out and worked on different parts of it there emerged really colourful landscapes, Steel Gate 4 being one of these.

I, then, started to seek out and photograph other different metals new and old. It is great to see how a seemingly bland image, when worked on with post photographic processes, can yield an interesting, satisfying abstract picture. The metals I photograph have a history, a history shown by way of markings made by humans or ageing by climate. Some images offer up their potential early, others are more secretive and need to be teased out. Unfortunately, not all metals yield interesting images but over time I have developed antennae which draw me to objects that suggest possibilities. Latterly I have also strayed a little from metal and used wood, as in Chirk and regular photographs which were the inspiration for Treasa’s bike.